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Understanding Cancer How to Cope - Survivor

DIAGNOSIS: Lung Cancer

By surrounding yourself with a support network, you will be better able to manage your lung cancer and experience a better quality of life.A diagnosis...

Understanding Cancer How to Cope - Survivor

10 Tips for Living Well with a Diagnosis of MPN

Eating a healthy diet can provide much-needed energy and nutrients to your body while you are coping with MPN.The journey through a diagnosis of a...

Understanding Cancer

Your Guide to Bladder Cancer Treatment

Different types of treatment are available for people with bladder cancer. Some treatments are standard (the currently used treatment), and some are being tested in...

Understanding Cancer

Inspiration and Progress: Our National Commitment to Defeat Cancer

Vice President Joe Biden addresses a meeting of the Cancer Moonshot’s Blue Ribbon Panel on June 13, 2016. (Photo by The White House / David...

Understanding Cancer

Bladder Cancer Checklist for the Newly Diagnosed

You’ve just learned that you or a loved one has bladder cancer. At first, it’s natural for you to be upset, depressed, panicked, and overwhelmed....

Understanding Cancer

A Transformative Moment for Cancer Research

Dr. Douglas Lowy (Photo by Ernie Branson)  "An investment in knowledge," Benjamin Franklin once wrote, "pays the best interest." Although he was writing specifically about financial...

Understanding Cancer

Managing Infections and Low White Blood Cell Counts

Do your shopping and other errands during off hours and not on weekends when grocery stores and other public places are more crowded.A low white...