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September/October 2018  –  Volume 32  –  Issue 5

An independent publication written by and for the national cancer community

Sandra Lee
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6  On the Cover: DX: Breast Cancer
A conversation with lifestyle maven and cancer survivor Sandra Lee (photo, left, by Jason Frank Rothenberg)

5  Finding a Way Forward
How to set new goals for yourself as a cancer survivor

9  Dealing with a Diagnosis of Lung Cancer
8 tips to help you live well and take charge of your health

14  Spiritual Care for Survivors of Cancer
Research shows that embracing spirituality can help you cope with a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

18  I'm Done with Cancer Treatment: Why Am I So Upset All the Time?
Take a closer look at what causes post-treatment distress and what you can do about it.

20  Incredibly Useful Advice for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivors

28  Too Many Sleepless Nights?
You can get help for cancer-related insomnia.

30  The Power of Resilience in the Face of Cancer
Resilient survivors cope well with stress and rise to the challenges of life.
31  Take Charge of Your Life with Polycythemia Vera
How to manage you disease and maintain your quality of life

35  How to Cope with Endometrial Cancer

36  So, What IS Hope?
Many cancer survivors cling to it. But how do we define it?

38  Support in a Song
The benefits of music therapy in cancer care

39  Weight & Muscle Loss: A Serious Concern for Lung Cancer Survivors

43  5 Things Parents Should Do If Their Child Is Diagnosed with Cancer
There are some important things you can do to help your family cope.

47  Managing Speech and Swallowing Difficulties After Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

49  What to Do After a Diagnosis of Metastatic Breast Cancer
Adapting to ongoing treatment may take time, but there are many ways to prepare.

50  Stay Active Through Cancer, One Step At a Time
Don't buy in to the myth that having cancer means you can't exercise.



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