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September/October 2019  –  Volume 33  –  Issue 5

An independent publication written by and for the national cancer community

Sherry Pollex
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6  On the Cover: Ovarian Cancer Survivor Sherry Pollex: Fueled to Bring Awareness and Give Back
Sherry Pollex, the longtime partner of NASCAR champion Martin Truex Jr., opens up about ovarian cancer and how she's using her NASCAR platform to help others.

8  Facing Cancer as an Older Adult
Special factors you should consider when making treatment decisions 

10  Your Body After Breast Cancer
3 tips to help you accept and appreciate your post-cancer self

12 Healing Your Spirit
Keys to practicing spiritual self-care as a cancer survivor

13 Answers to Your Questions about Lung Cancer
After being told you have lung cancer, you may wonder what your prognosis will be – what this diagnosis means for your future and your health.

19 Becoming Resilient
How to face the crisis of cancer without crumbling

20  Smart Food Choices for Cancer Survivors
There are no guarantees when it comes to nutrition and cancer, but research shows that choosing healthy foods and being active can put the odds in your favor. 

22  Humor Out of Cancer (Of All Places)
There is nothing funny about cancer, but being able to laugh can help stabilize the chaos otherwise swirling around you.

26  Just Relax
Using active relaxation techniques to help you stay calm during cancer

29  Getting the Psychosocial Support You Need to Get through Cancer
Cancer and its lifesaving treatments often cause psychosocial issues that last long after cancer treatment has ended. Dealing with them can be tricky.

30  10 Tips for Living Well with a Diagnosis of MPN
... from people who've been there



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