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May/June 2018  –  Volume 32  –  Issue 3

An independent publication written by and for the national cancer community

Gabe Grunewald
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6  On the Cover: Cancer Survivor and Elite Runner Gabriele "Game" Grunewald Can't Stop, Won't Stop Running the Race
Gabe Grunewald is an elite middle-distance runner who has her sights set on competing in the next Olympics. She also has stage IV cancer.

10  Tend to Your Spirit
How to overcome when cancer invokes a spiritual crisis

11  Making Sure Your Nutritional Needs Are Met During Lung Cancer Treatment

16  The Power of Hope
A 27-year cancer survivor shares the hope-filled adages that helped her find healing.

19  Take Control of Cancer-Related Nausea and Vomiting

20  Quitting Smoking after a Cancer Diagnosis
Why it's worth it and how to do it

22  Three Keys to Becoming Resilient
Resilience allows us to live with cancer, to endure, and find greater strength.

25  Where to Find Support After Being Diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer
28  Making It Work
Expert tips for navigating the workplace during cancer treatment

30  Wings for Life
Resources for medical air travel for cancer survivors and their families

32  Lung Cancer Packs a Psychological Punch
How to care for your psychological health when you have lung cancer

37  Here's What I Know about Coping with Cancer
Real advice from a leukemia survivor turned cancer therapist

38  Tips for Prevention Infection During Chemotherapy

41  Managing the Symptoms of Polycythemia Vera

45  How Expressive Writing Can Help You Heal
Research shows that the simple act of expressive writing can help reduce stress caused by cancer.

48  Composing a New Normal
Using music therapy during cancer care

52  How to Own Your Sexuality in the Face of Cancer
Cancer treatment may change your sexual function. But one thing it can't do is take away your sexuality.



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