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A wide variety of professionals share their knowledge and experience in easy-to-read, relevant articles, and patients, caregivers, and survivors share their strategies for coping with cancer.


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SNL Alum Vanessa Bayer

Vanessa Bayer Photo by Dana Edelson/NBC Known for her megawatt smile, Vanessa Bayer is a Saturday Night Live alum whose seven-season career with the iconic late-night show...

How to Cope - Survivor

Cancer & the Workplace: Making Employment Laws Work for You

Hearing the words “You have cancer” can understandably leave you feeling overwhelmed. People newly diagnosed with cancer are consumed with thoughts about their health, their...

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After Cancer, Occupational Therapy Can Help You Live Your Daily Life

After cancer treatment, simple tasks like doing laundry may become challenging. Occupational therapy can help.  According to the American Cancer Society, by 2029 there will...

Understanding Cancer

Life After Lung Cancer

Life after lung cancer is certainly not without its challenges. However, you can live a full, meaningful life as a lung cancer survivor.  According to...

Survivor Stories How to Cope - Survivor

Our Stories Are Meant to Be Shared

Annette Crabtree  The day before my freshman year of high school, I was rushed to the emergency room. I had been struggling with lower back...

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Food for Thought

Good nutrition is essential for keeping all human beings healthy and strong. It is even more important for people undergoing cancer treatment.  Cancer can cause you...

How to Cope - Survivor

When a Parent Has Cancer

When a parent is diagnosed with cancer, one of the first questions they ask is “What do we tell the kids?” Unfortunately, many things happen...

Understanding Cancer

FDA Updates

Keytruda Plus Axitinib Approved to Treat Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Keytruda (pembrolizumab), Merck’s anti-PD-1 therapy, in combination with...

Survivor Stories How to Cope - Survivor

My Teacher’s Name Was Cancer

Cancer has a funny way of teaching life lessons. As I near the five-year mark of my second – and, I hope, my last –...

Side Effects How to Cope - Survivor

Cancer & Your Fertility

Cancer-related infertility is a significant cause of personal distress for many people who have faced cancer. Just talking about your fertility risks and fertility preservation...

How to Cope - Survivor

The Grief and Mourning of Cancer

Dr. Alan Wolfelt  Not only am I a prostate cancer survivor, but I am also a grief counselor and educator. For 40 years, I have...

How to Cope - Survivor

Cancer Changes Our Lives – And Our Relationships

More than 15 million Americans today are living after a cancer diagnosis, coping with the consequences of the illness itself as well as the aftereffects...

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